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We are a company dedicated to developing cost effective and innovative solutions in multiple fields. From utility companies (PRTC, AAA, AEE), complex federal funding financial project management, documentation, compliance, and auditing. Also, SayNet focus on turnkey projects for schools, hospitals, private offices, or any building space to assess and design engineering controls to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) using emerging technologies to combat COVID19, mycoplasma, influenza, and other pathogens and prepare for future airborne threats.

|  What we do is

| Indoor Air Quality Experts

In collaboration with subject matter experts, we are pioneers in the use of layering 21st century technologies with proven public health guidelines, deploying them together to sanitize both indoor air and surfaces. These pathogen fighting devices include low-level gaseous dry hydrogen peroxide ionization generators, high efficiency, HEPA filters, UV lights, directional airflow, and air exchange strategies. Together, these engineering strategies can be matched to the specific airflow and turbulence of any building by our team of experts to protect the indoor shared air.


We follow traditional public health guidance enhanced with the goal of fighting COVID-19, influenza, mycoplasma, and other airborne pathogens using the Multi-Layered Air Defense Strategy (MLADS). Our strength in complex project management using emerging technologies comes from more than 25 years of experience.

More about MLADS...

| Technology & Innovation

We innovate continuously and successfully. With the ever-evolving landscape of technology, we can offer solutions and alternatives to help you save, keep employees safe, and production up.

| Financial & Assurance solutions

Performance is about solving problems and building business. Our team of CPAs, licensed attorneys, and other seasoned professionals have the tools your business needs.

| A full-service Company

No matter what your business needs, we are able to offer strategies and solutions to grow your business and prevent critical situations.

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What we do


Our team has completed over 500 cases successfully.


Our team of over 20 consultants are highly qualified and specialized to provide you with the right strategies to help your business thrive.


With 100% customer satisfaction, our team is guaranteed to provide you with the services you need.

Industry Leaders

We are the number one business advising company in Puerto Rico.


We do not want to continue reacting to new airborne viruses, variants, or future threats; we prefer to be prepared developing resilient infrastructures.

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The SayNet difference

COVID-19 Consulting & Prevention

We have the technology and know-how to minimize the spread of the disease and the loss of income, keep your business running healthy.

Licensed Attorneys

Our team includes licensed attorneys to make sure your business operates within the law.

Accountant, Auditors & Controllers

Our seasoned team is capable of handling your business' accounting related activities.

Statistician & Risk Assessment

Statistician and Risk Assessment Consultants with CPA & Law backgrounds.

Commercial Managers

Consumer Business Communications and Business Development

Digital Signatures & Encryption

Solutions providing long-term US regulations on the privacy of patient & public health services.

Licensed Certified Public Accountants

With CPA's at the core of our process, we are able to handle all accounting needs.

Global Management Accountant

Certified Global Management Accountant with formal General Management experience.


Our strategies can help you prevent loss of income due to unforeseen events, such as a pandemic.

Industrial Engineers

Industrial Engineer with experience in Start-up Projects & General Management.

Wireless Division

Our Wireless & Technology division can offer solutions for all technology-related needs your business may have.

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